Ardmore Students Excel At Sculpting

Jesus Moroles, who is a well-respected sculptor, decided to use his artistic talents to teach high school students all about stone sculptures. Moroles has been working with students from the Charles B. Goddard Center in Ardmore for the past two years, and the students have been taking a real interest in the art of sculpting. In fact, two of the students (Payton Stein and Treyon Grant) actually received plaques for their modern sculptures. The students’ contemporary sculptures, which stand at ten feet tall, now reside outside of the school for everybody to see.

Because Moroles realized the importance of mentors during his journey of becoming a famous sculptor of realism, he felt that it was only right to give back to the youth. Whether he is teaching students how to make abstract sculptures or representational sculptures, Moroles always makes sure that he teaches valuable life lessons as well. In addition, because the students are seeing such positive results from their work and they see the potential that they possess, Moroles has truly increased the confidence in many of the students.  It is because of the efforts of people like Jesus Moroles that the arts will continue to flourish well into future generations.

Because of the wonderful results that Moroles had with high school students, he decided to also help out with the middle school students. Of course with Moroles’ expert assistance, the students were able to create two granite benches which now sit in Central Park. Not too bad, huh?

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