Ego Alter Exhibition In England

Evans and Hitchens

If you happen to be in England during the month of August, you are definitely going to want to check out the Ego Alter exhibition in Arundel. This exhibition is the second of Andrea Schulewitz’ planned exhibits throughout the year, and if the first one is any indication of the success it will have, it is sure to be fantastic. Andrea Schulewitz is a sculptor who opened Square 1 Art a couple of months ago, and she is ecstatic about the flocks of people who are coming to see the wonderful paintings and contemporary sculptures that are being displayed.

Specifically in the Ego Alter exhibition, Andrea decided to feature two artists who are seemingly different on the surface, yet are really after the same goal: grabbing the audience’s attention by encompassing many complexities in their works of art.

The two artists are Stig Evans and Simon Hitchens. Evans is known for his fascinating paintings, in which he uses colors as a way to explore realism. He also uses colors to see how others perceive his artwork and respond to it over different periods of time. Hitchens, on the other hand, is known for his superb versatility when working with representational sculptures as well as abstract sculptures. When you first take a look at one of his modern sculptures, you will be very impressed. However, as you observe it for an even longer amount of time, it will be even better, as you will see all of the tiny details that make it so special. Also, because Hitchens combines rugged stones with clean lines of resin, his sculptures continue to reveal more as you see them from various angles. From the way his sculptures are constructed, it is obvious that Hitchens wants observers to think.

For more details about the Ego Alter exhibition, which continues until the end of August, or Square1 Art, visit or call 01903 884468

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