IceFest To Return In Winter 2011



IceFest, which is predominantly recognized by its display of modern ice sculptures, is making its return to Hamilton, Ohio in the winter of 2011 (Jan. 21, 22) after a 3 year hiatus. During this 2-day winter festival, there is an ice sculpting competition, which many people show a lot of interest in. In fact, in 2008 IceFest had an estimated 30,000 attendees, due in large part to the ice sculpting competition.

Every year, a committee decides on a theme for the ice sculpting competition, which the sculptors must adhere to. In 2008, the theme was “Animal Kingdom in Ice,” which meant that sculptors had to choose an animal from the animal kingdom and sculpt it. Of course with all of the talented contemporary artists, there were a lot of great exhibitions that viewers truly enjoyed.

For the upcoming competition, the theme is “Great Books in Ice.” A few people have already come up with ideas of books they can use, but there are still a bunch of ideas that need to be suggested. Some books make for a great ice sculpture, while others do not. For example, “‘The Sword in the Stone’” is wonderful, but ‘A Tale of Two Cities?’ Not so much,” according to Sue Samoviski, who is the secretary for the City of Sculpture, which is in charge of the festival.

If you have any ideas of books that would make for a great ice sculpture, you can send your ideas to: hamiltonohio Who knows? Maybe your suggestion will lead to the winning ice sculpture.

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