Journalism Student Chooses Me For a Project

About a week ago I got an E-mail from a journalism student in NYU, named Dongnan Chen, who was doing a school project. The project was to document a day in New York City from the perspective of a visually impaired artist. Since Dongnan had a strong interest in my artwork, including my contemporary sculptures of realism, and she had a strong curiosity to know about my perspective of life in the city, she decided to choose me for the project.

In order to complete the project, Dongnan had to follow me around for two days with a video camera, and she had to capture the details of sounds or scenery that people usually haven’t noticed. In addition to that, she featured some of my modern sculptures, and she got to speak to me and find out about me and the way I perceived life in New York City.

We spoke about my experience of living in the city, why I have chosen to stay there, my favorite part of the city, and how the life there has inspired me to do my stone sculptures. We also got to talk about how I perceive daily life and how I present it in abstract sculptures, representational sculptures, and other types of artwork.

Despite all of the awards and recognition I have received over the years, Dongnan’s decision to follow me and learn more about me gave me an amazing feeling. Not only was I able to introduce another person into my life through my eyes, but I was able to learn some great things about myself as well. It truly was a wonderful experience.

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