New Sculpture At Westminster Library



Bart Walter has been involved in carving stone sculptures, marble sculptures, and various other contemporary sculptures for the last 3 decades. In order to be able to work on his craft for that long of a time period, Walter has needed to produce quality results, and that is just what he has done. If you have ever seen any of his works, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Walter’s most recent modern sculpture was inspired by the world of books, specifically libraries. In this new sculpture, Walter created a life-size bronze lion with a young boy reading a book in front of it. The name of this wonderful sculpture is “Wild Imaginings,” and it is supposed to be a physical representation of books transporting us to other worlds. The level of realism is not so high, but it is far from an abstract sculpture. Overall, it is a great sculpture to look at, and it does get its message across effectively.

Fittingly enough, this 3-foot representational sculpture is going to be placed near the entrance of the Westminster Library in Maryland, which is actually Walter’s hometown library.

Lisa Back, a spokesman for the Carroll County Public Library system, thought it was important to use a local artist to represent the library, as it kept a tie to the community. In fact, the Westminster Branch Library is looking to use 3 more sculptures from local artists to complete its outside appearance.

Walter’s sculpture is going to be officially revealed to the public on Friday, September 17th at 3p.m. when there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony to signify the completion of renovation of the library.

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