New Sculpture Exhibit In Northern New Jersey

Art Center

Starting on May 4th, the members of the Sculptor Affiliates group of the Art Center of Northern New Jersey in New Milford will be displaying their latest stone sculptures, amongst other artwork, for everybody to see.

Because there is so much variation amongst the sculptures and the sculptors themselves, the name of the exhibit is called, “Cross Currents — East West Meet.”

A lot of the participating sculptors used found objects with seemingly no use, and they used their creativity to turn it into something appealing with a ton of meaning.

For artists to be able to take something that looks like “garbage” to the average person, in order to create something amazing, it speaks volumes about them. It truly does show you that if you look at anything with the proper perspective, it can be beneficial in some way, shape, or form.

If you live in the North Jersey area and this exhibit sounds like your type of thing, you can check it out between May 4th and May 30th. It is located at 250 Center Street, New Milford, NJ.

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