Stone Sculptures In Vandalia

Matt Weir

If you live anywhere near Ohio, and you appreciate stone sculptures, you are probably aware of Hamilton’s Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, just west of Cincinnati. There you can find a wide variety of beautiful contemporary sculptures that people go out of their way to see.

With all of the fanfare that this modern sculpture park receives, a nearby city named Vandalia decided to get involved in the world of stone sculptures as well. In fact, this weekend there is going to be a stone sculpture symposium in Vandalia, where representational sculptures, in addition to abstract sculptures, are going to be displayed by five different artists. The name of the symposium is called “Chiseled,” and the artists are going to have the opportunity to strive for their best attempts at realism out of enormous pieces of Indiana limestone.

One of the artists who will be present is Matt Weir. Weir is set to carve an 11,000-pound stone sculpture that is going to represent a pixilated image of a brain on one side and a theater stage on the other. The anticipation for this piece of art is great, and there are many people who are going to attend the event just to see this sculpture come to life.

If you want to see the manifestation of this sculpture, plus the other great sculptures that are sure to grab your attention, you should find some time between September 4 and September 18 to check out the “Chiseled” symposium. For more information, call (937) 890-4646 or visit

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Robin Antar Featured On


Recently, the wonderful stone sculptor Robin Antar was featured on the website is a site for artists to share a little bit about themselves and their work, so that they can be recognized for their dedication and achievements in the world of art. It is also a good place for all artists to network with each other.

Ms. Antar was featured on this site due to her superb work with modern sculptures. Whether it’s boots, clothing, or food, Ms. Antar has shown that she is capable of mirroring just about anything from the present day American culture. These representational sculptures are truly a marvel to look at, and people have mistaken them for the real thing on more than one occasion.

Because Ms. Antar puts in the time and effort to make sure each detail of her contemporary sculptures is accurate and life-like, art connoisseurs and everyday people alike are instantly attracted to her works.

A lot of times an artist makes an abstract sculpture and it looks really good, but ultimately the observers know that it is a piece artwork. With Ms. Antar, though, that is not usually the case because of the aspect of realism that is put into it. From the exact shape and perfectly placed creases, to the fantastic choice of colors, Ms. Antar’s stone sculptures are changing the world of art as we know it.

If you want to check out Ms. Antar’s feature on, just click on the following link:

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The 25th Annual CAC Sculpture Celebration


For those of you art lovers who have enjoyed going to The Caldwell Arts Council’s Annual Sculpture Celebration in the past, you are in luck as it is returning for its 25th year this September.

If you are not familiar with this event, it is an art extravaganza that covers 7 acres and displays over 150 different stone sculptures in addition to other contemporary sculptures that range from realism to abstract.

In addition to the enjoyment that guests will receive from the representational sculptures and abstract sculptures, guests will also have the privilege of enjoying live music. The combination of music and visual artistry has been one of the main selling points of this event in the past, and it will continue to follow the same path as long as the people continue to show up. This year there will be music from Sylvio Martinat’s Swing Band as well as the Harris Brothers.

Another great thing that this event offers is the opportunity for any sculptor to participate in this event. Sculptors can submit up to 3 works of art, and they have up until the 10th of September to submit it. If you are a sculptor and you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, you can fill out a registration form online at Cash prizes total $9,500, so if you think you are talented at all, especially with modern sculptures, feel free to enter your work.

If you are looking to get up close and personal with the sculptors themselves, you can attend the Blue Jeans Preview Party on Friday September 10th, which is the night before the actual event begins. At the preview party, guests will get the chance to eat dinner and mingle with the participating artists in the event. Also, guests will get to hear the wonderful music of The “Strolling Accordionist,” Bob Wilusz. The preview party will cost a guest $15 to get in. Anything after that is free to attend.

If this event sounds like something you might enjoy, then head on over to the J.E. Broyhill Park in Lenoir, North Carolina on September 11th between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. And don’t forget, if you want to go to the Blue Jeans Preview Party, you are going to want to be there one day earlier.

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Ego Alter Exhibition In England

Evans and Hitchens

If you happen to be in England during the month of August, you are definitely going to want to check out the Ego Alter exhibition in Arundel. This exhibition is the second of Andrea Schulewitz’ planned exhibits throughout the year, and if the first one is any indication of the success it will have, it is sure to be fantastic. Andrea Schulewitz is a sculptor who opened Square 1 Art a couple of months ago, and she is ecstatic about the flocks of people who are coming to see the wonderful paintings and contemporary sculptures that are being displayed.

Specifically in the Ego Alter exhibition, Andrea decided to feature two artists who are seemingly different on the surface, yet are really after the same goal: grabbing the audience’s attention by encompassing many complexities in their works of art.

The two artists are Stig Evans and Simon Hitchens. Evans is known for his fascinating paintings, in which he uses colors as a way to explore realism. He also uses colors to see how others perceive his artwork and respond to it over different periods of time. Hitchens, on the other hand, is known for his superb versatility when working with representational sculptures as well as abstract sculptures. When you first take a look at one of his modern sculptures, you will be very impressed. However, as you observe it for an even longer amount of time, it will be even better, as you will see all of the tiny details that make it so special. Also, because Hitchens combines rugged stones with clean lines of resin, his sculptures continue to reveal more as you see them from various angles. From the way his sculptures are constructed, it is obvious that Hitchens wants observers to think.

For more details about the Ego Alter exhibition, which continues until the end of August, or Square1 Art, visit or call 01903 884468

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Watch Robin Antar On Caught In The Act

Robin Antar

On Wednesday July 28, Brooklyn’s very own modern sculpture extraordinaire, Robin Antar, will be featured on an episode of Caught In The Act: Art In Brooklyn.

Ms. Antar, who has had incredible success with her stone sculptures and other contemporary sculptures which represent key items in American culture, will be featuring some of her latest artwork on the program. If you are a supporter of Ms. Antar’s works, you certainly want to catch this show, as she will get to explain things that can give the audience a further look into her artwork and herself as an artist.

If you already have an appreciation for Ms. Antar’s artwork, seeing her in action will give you a whole new level of appreciation for her. Not only are you going to see the artwork that she produces, but you are going to see the source out of which her artwork is produced. This new layer of knowledge, which many people are not exposed to, can actually change the perception of her artwork in a very positive way.

With that being said, be sure to check out Caught In The Act: Art In Brooklyn on Wednesday night, July 28, at 10 P.M. The show will be on Time Warner Channel 56, Cablevision Channel 69, and in all five boroughs, on Verizon Channel 44. Also, if you prefer, you can watch the show streamed live at <>, and launch Channel Three.

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Robin Antar Creates New Line Of Bronze Shoes And Boots

Domenico Ranieri

Award-winning sculptor Robin Antar recently got together with Domenico  at Ranieri Casters in Long Island City, New York to create her new line of bronze shoes and boots. The success of her shoes and boots sculptures are well-documented, and it looks like there are more people who are interested in getting some of the wonderful pieces for themselves.

A short while ago, Atlanta-based philanthropist Todd Zeldin was so fascinated by Ms. Antar’s footwear collection that he decided to buy 10 of her sculptures. Zeldin has collected art for quite some time now, as he likes to sell a lot of it in order to support the art community in Atlanta. With the 10 pieces of “footwear” he just purchased from Ms. Antar, the art community in Atlanta should be doing fine for a while.

Ms. Antar’s success with the footwear collection is no coincidence. She puts a bunch of her time and effort into making sure that everything looks extremely real and life-like. So much so, that she doesn’t leave any details to the imagination. Every groove and rounded edge is perfect, and when it is appropriate, she even throws real shoe laces on at the end to give it that authentic look that so many people love.

If you have not yet gotten a glimpse of Ms. Antar’s footwear collection, take a look at a couple of the pictures below.

Work Boot 1Shoe

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800 Pound Bag of M & M’s® on Display at Famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel Along with Other Sculptures of Iconic American products – All for sale!


New York, NY – 800 pounds of M&M’s can be found at Elliot Stevens, located inside the famed Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue in NYC. But don’t try to eat any, because even though they look good enough to eat they are actually a sculpture made of Yule marble (28″h x 15″w x 20″ d), carved by Brooklyn artist Robin Antar.

The 800 pound bag of M&M’s took artist Antar a year to sculpt and polish to perfection. It sits on a base measuring 18” high by 15” wide by 20” deep.

The contemporary sculpture is for sale, along with the artist’s other pieces of iconic American products that look so real, the result is a staggering and challenging trompe l’oeil for the viewer: is it a sculpture, or is it the real thing?

They include carved marble life-like sizes of a tube of Crest® toothpaste, a bag of Milano® cookies, and a pair of boxing gloves (carerra marble). Additional works in her collection include a Skechers’ logger boot, a pair of Diesel jeans and jacket, a bottle of Heinz® Ketchup, a bottle of Chateau Haut-Brion champagne, & much more.

This collection of modern sculptures are among the many icons of American culture that comprise the unique works of NY artist Robin Antar, recipient of numerous awards including: the NYC  Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities, the Gold Medal of Honor from The Allied Artists of America (for Milano® cookies) and recently the Gretchen Richardson Award for carved sculpture from the National Association of Woman Artists, NYC. In addition to these awards, Antar was also named in the Best of American Sculptors 2007 and 2010 editions.

Last month Ms. Antar recently sold her collection of sculpted “footwear” to Atlanta-based collector and philanthropist Todd Zeldin for an undisclosed amount.

This mother of three sculpts visual duplications of the products of our culture in her studio, where one will find thousands of pounds of raw rock awaiting her transformation. 

Antar’s works have appeared in exhibitions at museums, galleries, corporate offices and universities, ranging from the City Museum in St. Louis, to the Nabisco Corporation Gallery, to New York University and the Madison Avenue windows of men’s retailer, Paul Stuart.  She has appeared on HGTV’s That’s Clever, where she transformed a block of stone into a life-like boot.

Elliot Stevens is located at the Waldorf Astoria, 301 Park Avenue at 49th Street in NYC. For additional information consumers may call the store at 212-355-8333.

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IceFest To Return In Winter 2011



IceFest, which is predominantly recognized by its display of modern ice sculptures, is making its return to Hamilton, Ohio in the winter of 2011 (Jan. 21, 22) after a 3 year hiatus. During this 2-day winter festival, there is an ice sculpting competition, which many people show a lot of interest in. In fact, in 2008 IceFest had an estimated 30,000 attendees, due in large part to the ice sculpting competition.

Every year, a committee decides on a theme for the ice sculpting competition, which the sculptors must adhere to. In 2008, the theme was “Animal Kingdom in Ice,” which meant that sculptors had to choose an animal from the animal kingdom and sculpt it. Of course with all of the talented contemporary artists, there were a lot of great exhibitions that viewers truly enjoyed.

For the upcoming competition, the theme is “Great Books in Ice.” A few people have already come up with ideas of books they can use, but there are still a bunch of ideas that need to be suggested. Some books make for a great ice sculpture, while others do not. For example, “‘The Sword in the Stone’” is wonderful, but ‘A Tale of Two Cities?’ Not so much,” according to Sue Samoviski, who is the secretary for the City of Sculpture, which is in charge of the festival.

If you have any ideas of books that would make for a great ice sculpture, you can send your ideas to: hamiltonohio Who knows? Maybe your suggestion will lead to the winning ice sculpture.

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The 31st Annual Buxton Festival Fringe


If you live in the UK, and you are a lover of fine art and contemporary sculpture, then the Buxton Festival Fringe is something that you want to be a part of. Going into its 31st year of existence, the Buxton Festival Fringe is an open arts festival that takes place for two weeks in July. Other than modern sculpture and other forms of still visual artistry, this festival features comedy, dance, music, films, and puppetry; just to name a few.

Most recently, this festival’s main pull – at least amongst its attendees – is the art and craft extravaganza. This year it is going to be featuring its largest group of sculptors and artists to date, as there will be over 60 professional art exhibitors.

Amongst the professional artists is going to be Andy Oldfield, a well-established stone carver who appeared on the show “Mastercraft” earlier this year. On the show, Oldfield taught 3 aspiring art students the craft of working with stone, and he guided them on the design of a sundial. In fact, the student that did the best out of the 3 did so well that his design has a permanent home in the garden of Hardwick Hall.

During the festival, Oldfield is prepared to exhibit some of his wonderful stone carvings which include: Stone benches, stone tables, and stone sculptures.

If you are interested in attending this free festival, visit for more information.

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Students Make 12-Foot Sculpture For Their High School



Becky Olson, a high school art teacher in Wisconsin, is known for her creativity and her ability to think outside of the box. This recently came into play, as she decided that a few of her students should be completely responsible for erecting a 12-foot steel Spartan sculpture in front of Somerset High School.

When Olson received approval from school officials in January 2009, she told her students to begin right away because she wanted to have it finished by this year’s graduation.

Countless hours of hard work and dedication went into the sculpture by 5 independent-study students, and as fate would have it, it was ready just in time for the 2010 graduation. Although it was ready by the target date, the students used almost all of the time allotted to them, as they were still putting the final touches on the project two days before graduation.

On graduation day, tons of people marveled at the new Spartan sculpture in front of the high school, and when they were informed that it was a student-only project, they were blown away with amazement.

Even though the sculpture is done from a structural standpoint, Olson wants to add some more detail to it over the summer. She thinks that grinding and sand blasting it will leave it with a rusted look, which would give it a “warrior-type feel.”

Overall, Olson is proud of her students, and she feels that this project will show many people the capability that kids have if they put their effort into achieving a common goal. And when you have results like her students had, you can’t really argue with her.

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