Robin Antar Creates New Line Of Bronze Shoes And Boots

Domenico Ranieri

Award-winning sculptor Robin Antar recently got together with Domenico  at Ranieri Casters in Long Island City, New York to create her new line of bronze shoes and boots. The success of her shoes and boots sculptures are well-documented, and it looks like there are more people who are interested in getting some of the wonderful pieces for themselves.

A short while ago, Atlanta-based philanthropist Todd Zeldin was so fascinated by Ms. Antar’s footwear collection that he decided to buy 10 of her sculptures. Zeldin has collected art for quite some time now, as he likes to sell a lot of it in order to support the art community in Atlanta. With the 10 pieces of “footwear” he just purchased from Ms. Antar, the art community in Atlanta should be doing fine for a while.

Ms. Antar’s success with the footwear collection is no coincidence. She puts a bunch of her time and effort into making sure that everything looks extremely real and life-like. So much so, that she doesn’t leave any details to the imagination. Every groove and rounded edge is perfect, and when it is appropriate, she even throws real shoe laces on at the end to give it that authentic look that so many people love.

If you have not yet gotten a glimpse of Ms. Antar’s footwear collection, take a look at a couple of the pictures below.

Work Boot 1Shoe

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