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Recently, the wonderful stone sculptor Robin Antar was featured on the website is a site for artists to share a little bit about themselves and their work, so that they can be recognized for their dedication and achievements in the world of art. It is also a good place for all artists to network with each other.

Ms. Antar was featured on this site due to her superb work with modern sculptures. Whether it’s boots, clothing, or food, Ms. Antar has shown that she is capable of mirroring just about anything from the present day American culture. These representational sculptures are truly a marvel to look at, and people have mistaken them for the real thing on more than one occasion.

Because Ms. Antar puts in the time and effort to make sure each detail of her contemporary sculptures is accurate and life-like, art connoisseurs and everyday people alike are instantly attracted to her works.

A lot of times an artist makes an abstract sculpture and it looks really good, but ultimately the observers know that it is a piece artwork. With Ms. Antar, though, that is not usually the case because of the aspect of realism that is put into it. From the exact shape and perfectly placed creases, to the fantastic choice of colors, Ms. Antar’s stone sculptures are changing the world of art as we know it.

If you want to check out Ms. Antar’s feature on, just click on the following link:

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