Robin Antar Interviewed By Huffington Post

Robin Antar, the Brooklyn artist known for her incredible stone sculptures of realism, recently had a phone interview with the Huffington Post. The reason she was interviewed was because she was just named as the first female artist to exhibit at POP International Galleries in New York City.

The interview, which can be seen on the Huffington Post website right now, had Ms. Antar answering questions about being the first female artist to exhibit at POP International , why she sculpts representational sculptures of condiments, and what she is currently working on. Reading this interview helps the reader gain inner access into the mind of the artist, while also learning about background information from the artist herself.

If you are not familiar with Ms. Antar or her work as sculptor, she puts her time and energy into capturing everyday items in stone. Some of the modern sculptures she has made are of Heinz Ketchup, French’s Mustard, Oreo’s Cookies, Crest Toothpaste, and Everlast Boxing Gloves. All of these sculptures are extremely detailed and they are all part of Antar’s Realism in Stone collection of stone sculptures.

Between making contemporary sculptures that are virtual records of American culture, Antar also has a line of abstract sculptures, which are eye-grabbing and a perfect compliment to any room.

No matter what she sculpts, Robin Antar’s artwork always has a specific feel to it that lets the observer know that it’s an Antar original work. The time and dedication that she puts into her sculptures is evident in the all of the work that she does, and it is a key factor to her success as an artist.

To check out her interview with Huffington Post, click the following link:

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