Robin Antar’s 6,000 Pound Potato Chips


Brooklyn’s very own Robin Antar, who is known for her amazing stone sculptures, is currently working on a representational sculpture of an enormous bag of potato chips. This contemporary sculpture, like some of the other realism sculptures that Ms. Antar has sculpted, is larger-than-life. In fact, this bag of potato chips is so large that it was sculpted from a 6,000-pound block of marble.

If you think about it, 6,000 pounds is a staggeringly large number to work with. In order to take something of that size and to be able to turn it into an abstract sculpture would be a feat on its own. But to be able to work with something so huge and to be able to turn it into something with a controlled shape and form is truly remarkable. There is no doubt that Ms. Antar has devoted countless amounts of time to this incredible project, and her devotion and precision will definitely shine through once the modern sculpture is complete.

Completing this journey is going to be a great feeling for the artist, and it will be a real treat for anyone who gets to feast their eyes on her work of art.

Not only that, but Ms. Antar actually had some pictures from her sculpting process, which are available to view below. These are just another way that the viewer can get a real appreciation for the hard work that Ms. Antar is going through in order to do her project.

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