Robin Antar’s Realism in Stone Calendar


Robin Antar, the Brooklyn artist known for her stone sculptures of realism and eye-grabbing abstract sculptures, recently launched a calendar for the 2012 year. The calendar is a full 12-month calendar with each month being graced by a picture of Antar’s representational sculptures. Some of the contemporary sculptures included in this calendar are: Milano Cookies, French’s Mustard, and M&M’s.

Antar’s calendar, which displays some of her finest modern sculptures, is a great showcase and conversation-starter in any home or office. Looking at the calendar at first, people might not even realize that all of the pictures are actually stone sculptures. Because these sculptures are often mistaken for the “real thing,” a calendar only makes the illusion stronger.

Ms. Antar is an artist who is dedicated to capturing the essence of modern times through iconic items. She takes her craft very seriously, and she ensures that all of her work is as accurate as possible. With the precision and detail that she includes in her sculptures, they nearly come to life. Maybe by taking a look at her calendar everyday, you can make your dreams come to life as well.

To purchase this amazing calendar, CLICK HERE.


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