Stone Sculptures In New Zealand Need Funding


The town of Whangarei, New Zealand has decided to install three new stone sculptures at the Town Basin and the Aquatic Centre in order to show the town’s history through art. Eventually, in the near future, the town is hoping that it will be able to have a trail of modern sculptures alongside the Hatea River.

Whangarei already has contemporary sculptures in various locations, which give the town a beautiful appearance. There is an enormous sundial outside of one of the museums, there is a time ball on the marina office, and there is some realism in the form of a representational sculpture of a canoe called the Wave and Waka outside the Rayburn House.

As of right now, the three new abstract sculptures that were created in February, are being loaned to the district for one year. In order for the district to keep the sculptures where they are right now, the sculptors have said that they need them to be funded or sponsored. There is a very good chance that the district is going to be able to come up with the funding, as it feels very strongly about its art, and the plans that they have in the future are contingent on these stone sculptures remaining in place.

On the other hand, if the district is not able to keep the sculptures, the sculptors are putting them up for sale. Hopefully, though, it doesn’t have to come to that, and Whangarei can keep the sculptures right where they are.

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