Stone Sculptures In Vandalia

Matt Weir

If you live anywhere near Ohio, and you appreciate stone sculptures, you are probably aware of Hamilton’s Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, just west of Cincinnati. There you can find a wide variety of beautiful contemporary sculptures that people go out of their way to see.

With all of the fanfare that this modern sculpture park receives, a nearby city named Vandalia decided to get involved in the world of stone sculptures as well. In fact, this weekend there is going to be a stone sculpture symposium in Vandalia, where representational sculptures, in addition to abstract sculptures, are going to be displayed by five different artists. The name of the symposium is called “Chiseled,” and the artists are going to have the opportunity to strive for their best attempts at realism out of enormous pieces of Indiana limestone.

One of the artists who will be present is Matt Weir. Weir is set to carve an 11,000-pound stone sculpture that is going to represent a pixilated image of a brain on one side and a theater stage on the other. The anticipation for this piece of art is great, and there are many people who are going to attend the event just to see this sculpture come to life.

If you want to see the manifestation of this sculpture, plus the other great sculptures that are sure to grab your attention, you should find some time between September 4 and September 18 to check out the “Chiseled” symposium. For more information, call (937) 890-4646 or visit

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