Students Make 12-Foot Sculpture For Their High School



Becky Olson, a high school art teacher in Wisconsin, is known for her creativity and her ability to think outside of the box. This recently came into play, as she decided that a few of her students should be completely responsible for erecting a 12-foot steel Spartan sculpture in front of Somerset High School.

When Olson received approval from school officials in January 2009, she told her students to begin right away because she wanted to have it finished by this year’s graduation.

Countless hours of hard work and dedication went into the sculpture by 5 independent-study students, and as fate would have it, it was ready just in time for the 2010 graduation. Although it was ready by the target date, the students used almost all of the time allotted to them, as they were still putting the final touches on the project two days before graduation.

On graduation day, tons of people marveled at the new Spartan sculpture in front of the high school, and when they were informed that it was a student-only project, they were blown away with amazement.

Even though the sculpture is done from a structural standpoint, Olson wants to add some more detail to it over the summer. She thinks that grinding and sand blasting it will leave it with a rusted look, which would give it a “warrior-type feel.”

Overall, Olson is proud of her students, and she feels that this project will show many people the capability that kids have if they put their effort into achieving a common goal. And when you have results like her students had, you can’t really argue with her.

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