The Original Stone Sculpture Technique

Prehistoric Carving

Today, we are very fortunate to have a lot of advancements that help us make stone sculptures in a relatively efficient manner. However, before these advancements, how did people go about making their stone sculptures?

When stone carving first came about, there was no metal or steel. Instead, there were just rocks; some were harder and some were softer. So people used the hard stones to shape the soft stones, and thus they were able to sculpt.

Even though people were able to carve stone sculptures with that technique, it did not provide a lot of freedom. First off, the people were forced to use whatever rocks they found. They did not have a wide selection of specialized tools like we have now. And secondly, they were forced to use rocks that were not as precise as the chisels and other tools that we have access to today. Because of this, the sculpting process took a lot longer, and the work was not as smooth and polished like it is in modern times.

Yes, the original technique for carving stone sculptures is far-removed from what it is today. But you need to remember that if we never had those original techniques in our history, we probably would have never had all of the advancements and beautiful stone sculptures that exist today. So we need to appreciate all of those stone-carved stone sculptures, and realize that they paved the way for what we currently have.

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