Third Annual National Sculpture Competition In Canada

Sculptors around Canada recently entered their best stone sculptures, metal sculptures, and glass sculptures into the third annual National Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden. Fifteen out of the hundreds of sculptors were selected as finalists for the 2011 contest, which is going to be held at the end of May and June.

When the competition takes place, two out of the fifteen sculptures are going to be selected to join the winners of previous years’ competitions in the 27-acre public Sculpture Garden, as well as being awarded with some wonderful cash prizes. In addition, the other thirteen abstract sculptures, representational sculptures, and contemporary sculptures will be available for purchase to the public, but they will remain on site until mid-October so that everybody can enjoy their beauty.

Normally this competition allows for 12 of the modern sculptures to be selected into the finals, but with such amazing sculpting and realism that was entered into the contest, the committee members decided to expand it to fifteen. With tens of thousands of people voting on the sculptures they liked the best, the contest has ensured that visitors will be impressed when they see them all on display.

Being that they will now be next to such marvelous works of art from years’ past, the Sculpture Garden is sure to be a place for many photo opportunities this upcoming May and June. If you want to attend, or you simply want more information about this event, visit:

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