Watch Robin Antar On Caught In The Act

Robin Antar

On Wednesday July 28, Brooklyn’s very own modern sculpture extraordinaire, Robin Antar, will be featured on an episode of Caught In The Act: Art In Brooklyn.

Ms. Antar, who has had incredible success with her stone sculptures and other contemporary sculptures which represent key items in American culture, will be featuring some of her latest artwork on the program. If you are a supporter of Ms. Antar’s works, you certainly want to catch this show, as she will get to explain things that can give the audience a further look into her artwork and herself as an artist.

If you already have an appreciation for Ms. Antar’s artwork, seeing her in action will give you a whole new level of appreciation for her. Not only are you going to see the artwork that she produces, but you are going to see the source out of which her artwork is produced. This new layer of knowledge, which many people are not exposed to, can actually change the perception of her artwork in a very positive way.

With that being said, be sure to check out Caught In The Act: Art In Brooklyn on Wednesday night, July 28, at 10 P.M. The show will be on Time Warner Channel 56, Cablevision Channel 69, and in all five boroughs, on Verizon Channel 44. Also, if you prefer, you can watch the show streamed live at <>, and launch Channel Three.

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