What Kind of Stone Should You Use?

3 Types of Stone

One of the most important decisions that a sculptor needs to make before beginning a stone sculpture is, what kind of stone to use. There are many different choices to select from, but there are a few that are more popular than the rest. I am going to discuss three of them: soapstone, alabaster, and marble.

Soapstone is a popular choice amongst sculptors because it comes in many different textures and colors. Because of that diversity, soapstone can be used to create a lot of different kinds of sculptures. Also, it is a relatively soft stone, which makes it easier to carve than most stones.

Alabaster is also a favorite of sculptors. Like the soapstone, alabaster is easy to carve, and it is very pleasing to the eyes. With a wide array of colors, alabaster is considered to be one of the most beautiful kinds of stones available. It is also known to have a grainy inside, which improves its appearance, yet makes it a little more delicate.

Marble is a choice that advanced sculptors enjoy. It is harder than the soapstone and alabaster, but there are benefits that it has that the other two don’t. Because it is harder, you don’t need to treat it as delicately. In addition, because of its make-up, when light hits it, it gives the marble a life-like appearance. This is why sculptors like to use marble for sculptures of the human body. As long as you have the proper tools, this is a choice that every sculptor should try to work with at least once.

Whether you decide to choose any of the three that were mentioned above, or you decide to use any other types of stones, you need to know the characteristics that each stone possesses. Knowing that information will help make your sculpture the best it can be.

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