Condiments Sculpture By Robin Antar

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Art Showcase – Wall Sculpture

This is a model for a Torah casing which was carved out of a solid piece of stone in 1992. This is one piece of stone representing the Wailing Wall, the Kotel, with towelette coming on top. I got this idea because in our community people donate Torahs. And when you go to a Torah dedication, they always have a towelette wrapped over the Torah.

So I got an idea of actually creating a Torah case with the towelette within the design. The Torah case is treated like a sculpture rather than a two dimensional surface design.

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Art Showcase – Knots Sculpture

This piece is a knot. It is one of the several knot pieces that I have created. It is carved out of a solid piece of watermelon marble. And, basically, this piece represents the frustrations, and the anxieties of raising children. One of my children drove me crazy, so I decided, I made three knots in his honor. This is D Knot #1, and I got D Knot #2, and inside is D Knot #3. My abstract pieces represent emotions and experiences of life. Each piece has a definitive incident which made me inspired to create the image.

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NYU Student Creates Video For Me

A few weeks ago I published a post about a journalism student in NYU who decided to do a project on me. Her project was to document a day in New York City from the perspective of a visually impaired artist. By doing this project, she was not only able to find out a lot about me and my stone sculptures, but she was able to compile a video presentation, which she got to use for school.

This video captures me as an artist who has a passion for creating contemporary sculptures of realism, in addition to abstract sculptures from my point of view, which includes the fact that I am legally blind in my right eye. This video also explains how I use my modern sculptures to preserve objects such as toothpaste, ketchup, and cookies.

Outside of these representational sculptures that I make, these are all objects that have an expiration date, and they will eventually “go bad.” But when these objects are created in solid stone, I can be assured that they will withstand the test of time. In essence my stone sculptures are a visual history book for future generations who will wonder what the world was like in our times. And because these sculptures are made from stone, they are immortal, and they will last forever, which means that they will influence many people for years to come.

Below is the video that was created about me by Dongnan Chen. I hope you enjoy it!

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My Interview On Pop Culture Radio

I recently had an interview on Pop Culture Radio. To listen to the interview click on the links below. (If the links don’t work, try using Google Chrome)

Robin Antar Interview part 01

Robin Antar Interview part 02

Robin Antar Interview part 03

Robin Antar Interview part 04

Robin Antar Interview part 05

Robin Antar Interview part 06

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Journalism Student Chooses Me For a Project

About a week ago I got an E-mail from a journalism student in NYU, named Dongnan Chen, who was doing a school project. The project was to document a day in New York City from the perspective of a visually impaired artist. Since Dongnan had a strong interest in my artwork, including my contemporary sculptures of realism, and she had a strong curiosity to know about my perspective of life in the city, she decided to choose me for the project.

In order to complete the project, Dongnan had to follow me around for two days with a video camera, and she had to capture the details of sounds or scenery that people usually haven’t noticed. In addition to that, she featured some of my modern sculptures, and she got to speak to me and find out about me and the way I perceived life in New York City.

We spoke about my experience of living in the city, why I have chosen to stay there, my favorite part of the city, and how the life there has inspired me to do my stone sculptures. We also got to talk about how I perceive daily life and how I present it in abstract sculptures, representational sculptures, and other types of artwork.

Despite all of the awards and recognition I have received over the years, Dongnan’s decision to follow me and learn more about me gave me an amazing feeling. Not only was I able to introduce another person into my life through my eyes, but I was able to learn some great things about myself as well. It truly was a wonderful experience.

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Third Annual National Sculpture Competition In Canada

Sculptors around Canada recently entered their best stone sculptures, metal sculptures, and glass sculptures into the third annual National Sculpture Competition at Kingsbrae Garden. Fifteen out of the hundreds of sculptors were selected as finalists for the 2011 contest, which is going to be held at the end of May and June.

When the competition takes place, two out of the fifteen sculptures are going to be selected to join the winners of previous years’ competitions in the 27-acre public Sculpture Garden, as well as being awarded with some wonderful cash prizes. In addition, the other thirteen abstract sculptures, representational sculptures, and contemporary sculptures will be available for purchase to the public, but they will remain on site until mid-October so that everybody can enjoy their beauty.

Normally this competition allows for 12 of the modern sculptures to be selected into the finals, but with such amazing sculpting and realism that was entered into the contest, the committee members decided to expand it to fifteen. With tens of thousands of people voting on the sculptures they liked the best, the contest has ensured that visitors will be impressed when they see them all on display.

Being that they will now be next to such marvelous works of art from years’ past, the Sculpture Garden is sure to be a place for many photo opportunities this upcoming May and June. If you want to attend, or you simply want more information about this event, visit:

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Stone Sculptures In New Zealand Need Funding


The town of Whangarei, New Zealand has decided to install three new stone sculptures at the Town Basin and the Aquatic Centre in order to show the town’s history through art. Eventually, in the near future, the town is hoping that it will be able to have a trail of modern sculptures alongside the Hatea River.

Whangarei already has contemporary sculptures in various locations, which give the town a beautiful appearance. There is an enormous sundial outside of one of the museums, there is a time ball on the marina office, and there is some realism in the form of a representational sculpture of a canoe called the Wave and Waka outside the Rayburn House.

As of right now, the three new abstract sculptures that were created in February, are being loaned to the district for one year. In order for the district to keep the sculptures where they are right now, the sculptors have said that they need them to be funded or sponsored. There is a very good chance that the district is going to be able to come up with the funding, as it feels very strongly about its art, and the plans that they have in the future are contingent on these stone sculptures remaining in place.

On the other hand, if the district is not able to keep the sculptures, the sculptors are putting them up for sale. Hopefully, though, it doesn’t have to come to that, and Whangarei can keep the sculptures right where they are.

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Ardmore Students Excel At Sculpting

Jesus Moroles, who is a well-respected sculptor, decided to use his artistic talents to teach high school students all about stone sculptures. Moroles has been working with students from the Charles B. Goddard Center in Ardmore for the past two years, and the students have been taking a real interest in the art of sculpting. In fact, two of the students (Payton Stein and Treyon Grant) actually received plaques for their modern sculptures. The students’ contemporary sculptures, which stand at ten feet tall, now reside outside of the school for everybody to see.

Because Moroles realized the importance of mentors during his journey of becoming a famous sculptor of realism, he felt that it was only right to give back to the youth. Whether he is teaching students how to make abstract sculptures or representational sculptures, Moroles always makes sure that he teaches valuable life lessons as well. In addition, because the students are seeing such positive results from their work and they see the potential that they possess, Moroles has truly increased the confidence in many of the students.  It is because of the efforts of people like Jesus Moroles that the arts will continue to flourish well into future generations.

Because of the wonderful results that Moroles had with high school students, he decided to also help out with the middle school students. Of course with Moroles’ expert assistance, the students were able to create two granite benches which now sit in Central Park. Not too bad, huh?

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New Sculpture At Westminster Library



Bart Walter has been involved in carving stone sculptures, marble sculptures, and various other contemporary sculptures for the last 3 decades. In order to be able to work on his craft for that long of a time period, Walter has needed to produce quality results, and that is just what he has done. If you have ever seen any of his works, you will know exactly what I am talking about.

Walter’s most recent modern sculpture was inspired by the world of books, specifically libraries. In this new sculpture, Walter created a life-size bronze lion with a young boy reading a book in front of it. The name of this wonderful sculpture is “Wild Imaginings,” and it is supposed to be a physical representation of books transporting us to other worlds. The level of realism is not so high, but it is far from an abstract sculpture. Overall, it is a great sculpture to look at, and it does get its message across effectively.

Fittingly enough, this 3-foot representational sculpture is going to be placed near the entrance of the Westminster Library in Maryland, which is actually Walter’s hometown library.

Lisa Back, a spokesman for the Carroll County Public Library system, thought it was important to use a local artist to represent the library, as it kept a tie to the community. In fact, the Westminster Branch Library is looking to use 3 more sculptures from local artists to complete its outside appearance.

Walter’s sculpture is going to be officially revealed to the public on Friday, September 17th at 3p.m. when there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony to signify the completion of renovation of the library.

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